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Helpful tips when buying

Our experience shows that good preparation makes your life easier as a property buyer.

Follow these important tips and you won’t go wrong

Do you know at what stages you can ask for changes?
Would you like an interior designer to work with you?
How can you be properly updated as work progresses?

Do you want to be close to family and friends?

Are you passionate about a holiday location?

Is it mainly about a good return on investment?

Meet the mortgage broker or banker.

Will you need a mortgage?

Can you meet the 50% self-financing requirement, which is the standard in Israel?

Would you prefer to deal with one person in Israel or many?

Want to know when it’s essential to come to Israel and when you can rely on your agent’s activities?

Need help with short and long-term rentals of your property?

Meet the lawyer to establish relations and trust.

Do you understand the process and the timeline?

Are you interested in local lawyer representation?

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