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Simon Seitz, Notary & Adv.

Simon was born in London and his expertise in real estate is renowned. Simon has presented many real estate seminars to Olim and investors and knows the expectations of the client. When it comes to buying your home in Israel Simon is well positioned to advise you in matters including the ever changing property tax laws and the Israeli banking system. Simon’s experience ensures that every detail of the transaction is taken care of saving you money, stress and helping you make your home in Israel a reality.


Sandra Haliva, Interior Design

Sandra is the owner of a Tel-Aviv based interior architecture and design studio specializing in luxury residential projects for private individuals and property developers throughout Israel and abroad. Sandra has been working in the design industry since the year of 2000 and has extensive experience in the field.

Electric shop Netanya

Home Electric Equipment

A highly recommended place to shop for all electric equipment for your new home in Israel. Electric offers a wide price-scale, a large selection of well-known companies, and also ensures you the BEST  personal service, in your spoken language – all this to allow you to enjoy a pleasant & safe purchase.

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